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Delivery free if under 10 miles from the kitchen 

Delivery fee $16 


Bring a smile with one of our customizable sweet boxes!  With a variety of sizes filled with tasty treats, sweet boxes are the perfect option for parties, the office or to give as a gift.  We can personalize your sweet box to match and theme, color scheme or flavor preference.  Boxes consists of fresh baked goodies, candy and chocolate, fruit (when applicable) and flowers*edible only*.


Sizes and Pricing:

Small $28   6x6” 

Medium $60   10x10”

Large $75   10x14”

Banquet  $160  19”x12”x5”


Wow your guests at your next event with a sweet tray! Our sweet trays consist of freshly baked goodies, candy and chocolate, fresh fruit (when applicable) and flowers, masterfully placed to create a strikingly beautiful arrangement that is as tasty as it is lovely.


 Small 14"x9": $75

 Medium14"x14": $86

Large 22"x12": $98

*ask about alternate sizing


Delivery free if under 10 miles from the kitchen 

Delivery fee $16 


All tables are customized to your event and specifications.  We are happy to work within your budget to create a table that is perfect for your event.


A la carte:

Do you just need desserts for your event but want to set them up yourself?  No problem!  Order your sweet selection and we will deliver it to your event location for you to display as desired.

Popular A La Carte options:

•cream puffs 

•miniature parfaits and shooters

•dessert cups (multiple items in a cup)

•dessert cones

• assorted baked goods by the dozen

•bite size pies

•miniature favorites (cheesecake, bundt cakes, etc)

And many more!  Ask about your favorites today

A La Carte & Set-up:

This option is best if you’d like tasty sweets for your event and you’d like them set-up too!  You pick your selection of sweets and we deliver and place them on your display/table the day of your event.

The Full Package:

This has it all!  Here we work with you to design your table layout and overall esthetic including the use of all our table decor and display equipment. The day of your event we deliver, set-up your table and sweets and breakdown your table at the end of your event.  This is a full service dessert table experience from design to breakdown.

*does not include florals for table decoration


*At this time we do not offer fried options.

*We are not an exclusively allergy free bake shop but we strive to bake for everyone!  If you have any allergy or dietary restrictions we will do our best to accommodate your needs.  Contact us today!  

*Delivery free if within 10 miles.

Delivery free if under 10 miles from the kitchen 

Delivery fee $16 

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